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Here we go again for a new fashion interview this week! I would like to thank  all fashion bloggers around the world who accepted to be part of this new rubric! Lots of more adventure are following this blog. So be sure to stay updated and connected to follow my blog news! The second fashion blogger you’re going to read the interview and know about her lifestyle blogger is Floortje, a fashion and model girl from I immediately had a good feeling with her because she’s just pretty nice, open-minded and of course always trendy! I let you now discover who is she!

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My name is Floortje (pronounced as the floor+tcha) from Floortjeloves.comI come from a very small village in Holland. Where I live you cannot find anything related to fashion The only thing you see are trees, water and cows, which is also beautiful though. For me that was the main reason to start blogging. I hadn’t people in my area to share my passion with so I thought ‘why not try the internet?’. I was so surprised about this world because in the beginning I had no idea about it. So as soon as I got know I fall in love with this world. Now it became my daily job and I love to share my life and passion with my followers everyday. 
Further I still live with my parents and brother who is 4 years younger than I am. We are a very close and happy family and when I’m not with them I always miss them so much. Besides blogging I started modeling and I hope all these opportunities will bring me further with biggest dream which is for sure Floortjeloves. 
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As long as I remember I am interested in fashion. It are the genes from my mom because we are totally the same. She is the best shopping friend I can imagine and we share the same taste and style. 
For me fashion is a way to express myself, that’s why it is so important for me. Like I told you I don’t live in a high fashion scene and I never wanted to follow the crowd there. Even as a kid I already was thinking outside of the box. Following the trends from magazines or get inspired by celebreties (and other bloggers nowadays). Sometimes it was hard because people started jelling at me because I looked different than them. But it helped me through become what I am now, I didn’t gave up. Now I also inspire people and that’s one of the things I’m so thankful for every day. 

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Be passionate! If you don’t have enough passion for your blog you will get bored after a while. People think it’s easy to get into the blogger world but it’s totally not. You have to post daily (even if you’re sick or having a bad day) and you should write articles every day. For me a blog post takes 3-4 hours but these are the most joyful hours of the day because I love it so much. It’s so hard to combine modeling with blogging because I don’t have so much time when I’m on a trip and than I really miss my daily posts. If you have something similar and feel like missing blogging if you don’t do it for a day, then you should go for it! Write a post, make good photos, promote yourself and listen to your followers to improve your blog. If you have the passion you will come there for sure! Work hard and go for it if you really want it! 🙂
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As I told I do modeling work too so yes, everything in my life is about fashion. It’s everywhere for me. Blogging is definitely the most fun part because I can do, wear and write whatever I want or like. That’s different with modeling. You’re wearing the client’s clothes and even though if you don’t like them at all you have to pretend like you’re wearing the most beautiful clothes in the world. At the end it can be fun too. Actually fashion is fun for me no matter if I have a boring casing, fashionshow or post on my beloved blog. IMG_8633
1. ASOS tee or Topman US Tee  / 2. Essie pinks nail color / 3. ASOS skirt / 4. Watch Station / 5.  Ollie Strappy Heels or Vaneli Sandals / 6. Madi Brown Handbag
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My favorite color is definitely pink. Not that I will wear it everyday or have only pink clothes (because I nearly wear pink) but the color makes me happy. It’s stands for feminine and joy. The city for me is definitely Paris! Even though I visited it just one time in my life I feel so attracted to this city of love where all the magic and fashion started. I really hope to visit this city again very soon! And when I will go I will take my favorite accessory with me which is my bag. I love bags and I can dream about them for hours. Last month I bought my first designer bag which was a small Louis Vuitton Alma in soft pink. I still feel like a kid in a candy store when I see my baby. I worked hard for it and to finally have it hanging on my shoulders is like a dream. Maybe even true love.
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It’s funny that you ask because the photography is the main thing it want to improve on Floortjeloves. For me good photos is the most important thing for a good fashionblog. I really got inspired when I see the perfect shots on other blogs and sometimes (I have to admit) they make me so jealous. How do they archive this perfect shot?! Now I’m learning about good lenses for my camera and I will invest in a good one very soon. But it’s so hard, for every type of photography they have different lenses and they’re so expensive that I want to buy just one which will be perfect for blogging. When I finally found one I would love to tell you but for now every tip is welcome haha!
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I always keep in mind that I post what I would like to see on other blogs. When you see my bloglovin’ for example you can find fashion blogs of course, but also beauty and a lot of DIY’s, lifestyle, holidays and food. These are the things that inspire me which ends in creativity. I love to see and read these kind on blogs and I put it all together to make my own Floortjeloves complete. That is what makes Floortjeloves unique. I have to say that I didn’t post any food posts yet but when I will have more time after my modeling trip it will definitely be a new topic! 
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A mix and match! I dress by the day. When I’m in a bohemian mood I will wear a lace dress with a hat or when I am in a more edgy mood I will go for some biker boots with a destroys jeans. The main thing for me is that I will stay classic with any kind of style. I love good quality and materials. I can fall in love with a pair of leather pants so badly! That’s also my advice, better to invest in some really good pieces than buying trash you’ll get bored of.  international-fashion-style-bloggers-interview-lifestyle1. LightInTheBox skirt / 2Louis Vuitton Damier Bag / 3. NEW LOOK tee HERE or HERE / 4. NEW LOOK Necklace HERE or HERE / 5ModCloth Heels
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My parents and little brother. They’re always there for me and they have supported me since I started to walk and talk. When they’re at an event, party, restaurant or just at a place with other people they will promote my blog and will give business cards. It always makes me happy to see that they do that. That they’re there for me 100% and love me whatever I do. I think it’s so important to have somebody who will be there for you 24/7 and will support you with love. I am actually so grateful for that and I wish the same for everybody!
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I think blogging will become even more big than it already is. The top of the bloggers have so much influence in the fashion industry and every brand wants to work with them. Nowadays when we cannot live without our iphone of wifi to check the latest fashion updates, I think it will become bigger every year. I hope that Floortjeloves will belong to that top too one day. That I can really work with my biggest passion and love. For now it’s my dream but I will hard work every day to make that dream come true!
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A good breakfast because it’s my favorite meal of the day and after working on photos and new content for the blog. For now my days are most of the time about shooting for brands but when I have to choose something I love to do the most it will be a good outfit shoot with my brother on a beautiful place.
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I am not that serious as I maybe look like. Some people who really know me say that I am one of the most craziest persons they know, in a good way of course. For example, when I go out I don’t care if I dance in the rhythm or not, I just love to take all the place and give all my energy in the music and dance all night. That even without drinking any zip of alcohol. Another things is that I love to watch old Disney movies with my little brother or that my second love is driving fast cars.. Soon there will come a video about this list because I have so many more fun secrets to share! 🙂

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Enjoy life everyday and follow your dreams. Don’t be jealous at the life of someone else, try to create your own and follow your heart. If you really want it, you can make everything possible and will run the world!  
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I love the concept and I think it’s such a brilliant idea to get in contact with other bloggers and get to know them a little more. Fashion is fun so are bloggers and it’s even more fun if you can share it together!

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Hope you enjoyed reading this second #COMBBS Team interview!  if you haven’t read the first fashion blogger discovery, just clic here and follow you best blogger on Instagram.  



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