My lovely readers, I have so much things to tell you! I think I definitively abandoned my blog for a while! Here in Spain, the time as another impact on my vacation. To be honest, the day I visit some monuments and museum like the Castillo de Santa Bárbara (Santa Barbara castle), the Rambla de Mendez Nunez or the El Palmeral parc! The evening is my favorite moment for ONE reason: fiesta, fiesta and fiesta! What I like the most in Spain is how people are so open-minded and so much warm to each other! Unfortunately, I’ll leave Alicante in few days. So sad about that but there are so much moments that happened during my trip that it will stay in my head forever! First of all, palms have always been my must see dream so when I saw this city filled of them, I was like a little child in a candice shop: a-ma-zed!

Secondly, the weather is also one of the reasons that pushed me to come in Alicante! As I knew June to September were Spain’s hottest months so the not-to-be missed season of open-air terrazas and music festivals, I couldn’t miss all of this. Finally, guys I want to be honest: men here are really good-looking, tanned with nice style, and when they talk in spanish…a pure perfection! What’s not to like? The Spanish have that carefree, natural look, coming from a love of being outdoors and it shows in their easy-going approach to life whether walking their dogs or just hanging out in the many open air squares built in to almost every neighborhood. Hmmh I almost forget to mention how much I loved Tapas and paella. Be sure to be here for a future post in which be included an Instagram Spain Goodies so have a nice day guys!

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