Hi my lovely friends, I’m currently writing you from my bed, I’ve just woken up after a crazy night in Geneva with a friend. She invited me to see the last collection of Hervé Leger at the Four Seasons Hôtel des Bergues  in Geneva. I couldn’t wait to attend this event! so after having received the results from my final exams(which I passed yeahhhaa), I jumped into the first train(I’m exaggerating slightly), and meet her at the Geneva station. Well, I didn’t know it was in reality  a meeting between Traders, marketers and bankers. So, even if I wasn’t working in these industries, my friend and I had the opportunity to create some contact and I could explain a little bit the concept of my fashion personal blog which has at my great surprise  interested some people. Just crazy! It was finally the best day to ”celebrate” this examens in another city that got more ambiance with different people and meeting them in a different area was something I appreciated it!


So far so good! exactly in one week, I’ll be lying on my towel enjoying the sun in Alicante. Ohlala I can’t seriously wait to be in Spain! It will be the first time I’ve traveled there. On the one hand, my head tells me not to spend all my poor money on shopping because there’s more plenty other distractions to do right? I want to visit the city well known by its beautiful beaches, foods and you know how much I love food! On the other hand, I want to discover some other shops I don’t see here in Switzerland. What’s a big deal! There’s however one thing I won’t miss and which there’s no discussion with it: party all day all night! I want to enjoy ”au maximum”. this 11 days trip. I mean, as nobody know you, you don’t really care if you’re a bit crazy isn’t it? I’m not talking about making bad things, but just enjoying where you’re based(abroad) without thinking about what people can say haha so let’s go for making party and lots of photos!

Before I forget something very important guys, I wanted to let you know about a news that I will be part of  at the beginning of September! Have you ever heard about PINKTROTTERS ? Well, all fashionista  and travelers lovers will appreciate this new concept: It’s a company that provides  a new lifestyle concept based on an
international community of women, travelling together and that combines travel, fashion and glam experiences! That’s why they have some Ambassadors network, who can represent their community in the world and contribute together to become a point of reference for the fashion travelers. So as you understood, they wanted me to be their new Ambassador in order I be with you to make every trip as memorable as possible! I’ll travel in September in Ibiza
 HERE for 3 memorable days and I hope you’ll join this community HERE because it’s a opportunity to meet some new friends and travel with them around the word for a very cheap price. You can also benefice a lots of sponsored products(high quality) during your stay in these luxury glam villas. If you are a Fashion Blogger and want to become an Ambassador it’s easy HERE . I really hope to see you on board with me really soon!

1. ILY Couture Necklace HERE / 2. SIMILAR Qupid Heels HERE, or HERE / 3. SIMILAR Black Romper Similar HERE  or HERE  / 4. White Class Blazer HERE or HERE  / 5. Black Bag HERE or HERE / Photographer :




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