As many of you, I’m an unconditional bag addicted and fairly obsessive about changing my bag to go with what I’m wearing, up to a point. So I like mixing my outfits with different stuffs because what good are new jeans or fresh binders if you can’t accessorize and organize them with a perfect bag? Some of you are also a lunatic baggish woman(that’s my new word haha) which means the more you look at some bags in a shop and try them on, you soon realize you don’t actually like any of the bags you bought before. Either because you’ve seen another fashionista with the same bag as yours in the street, or the quality of your other bags is not as much better as the bag you’re staring at in the shop. So you just stash them in your closet and never use them and then you go back to the mall and start the vicious cycle all over again! True or not, I’m quite sure some of you will recognized themselves in this post!  I think every woman needs a good everyday bag because it really is a staple. But finding the perfect bag can be quite difficult though. We all want a bag that could match our personal style which you can take almost anywhere and..

fashion-london-handbagI have personally been searching for a bag that could be stylish and practical at the same time for taking it at school, after studies, shopping or while having a drink before a night out with some friends! but trust me, to find a good one that is in addiction unique and not common isn’t easy but I was convinced to try a new quality bag and wanted to give you my feedback! My new discovery brand is BUNIK handbag based in London which goal is to provide high quality bag.The designer Nichola Rutherford believes that a bag is an investment and we don’t mind paying extra for great quality leather. For her, design should be timeless but fashionable, the beauty and quality of the materials should make most of the impact!  According to her brand, every girl should own beautiful individual bags, that’s why you will only see  50 bags of each color in a design on their website here. I personally tested this bag as you can see on the pictures, and sincerely I found the quality so perfect, the leather handles are extremely strong enough to carry your stuff and to make sure that nothing could be heavy for you to wear. Generally, some bags smell so badly inside that you’re ashamed to wear it once again but this one has no smell especially the pure leather! I would definitively suggest you to buy it if you want a fashionable and confortable bag for every seasons!


Okey I must admit, I’m all about jumpsuits,playsuits & rompers those days!  I bought this transparent white romper 2-3 years ago from and event If the size is now big for me(I however accessorized it with this nice waist belt), I’m still feeling so much comfy in it. I saw recently that jumpsuits have become very popular and this style can be amazing option for both casual and special occasions. So if you have decided to purchase one for summer,I’ll give you a very quick advice on how you can wear Jumpsuits and be stylish!

We know that whatever how tall skinny girls wear any style of jumpsuit,they will always look really sexy but be careful with tight jumpsuit styles! you should avoid them otherwise you’ll be on the ”Fashion Faux Pas”. For those who want to look slimmer you can choose jumpsuit made of fluid fabric. Both short and long styles will be suitable but choose single colored jumpsuit that will make your body look slim and more feminine. For thin waist and petite figure, wear short jumpsuits(look the items below) that will make you even more feminine and cute. Moreover, short jumpsuit will make you look taller and sexier so all in all, I’ve chosen 5 white gorgeous Jumpsuits that you will definitively need in your closet at the moment so enjoy the looks! :   1. Somedays Lovin Combinaison Field Sparrow / 2. Deep V Striped Cami Playsuit / 3. On The Road Romper White / 4. Parker Jumper – Regina Bloomingdale’s  / 5. Combishort Acadia Dolce Vita


ASOS Head Strong Sandals HERE / B-UNIK bag HERE / White Jumpsuit SIMILAR HERE or HERE / ASOS black waist Belt HERE / Photographer:

Zalando's Blogger Awards 2014





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