Whether fancy or costume, nothing can add oomph to your wardrobe like jewelries. You should always wear a large pearl or diamond necklace with elegant clothing – that’s an important rule. Be careful with such extravagant jewelry because they will look out of place when combined with everyday garb, so if you want to show off your brand-new gems, try making reservations at a fancy restaurant and slipping on your nicest heels before heading out! I really love big bracelets but they can look gimmicky if they aren’t made from the right stuff, so watch out. A high-quality bracelet can be hard to find, but if you look in this  jewelry sections I’ve selected, you’re bound to stumble upon something that appeals to you! For expensive earrings lovers, wear them only to formal events to accessorize formal attire. Emerald chandelier earrings, enormous sapphires, keep them out of your day-to-day life unless you’re a princess or a daring debutante.
Don’t forget to  have fun with your jewels. As we know , fashion is all about what you choose to wear, and without experimentation you’d never find out what you like. Don’t let any of your jewelries get too matchy-matchy. If you have red pants, red shoes, red bracelets, red earrings, and a red necklace, you’re probably a little too red. Get creative with your look by basing your entire outfit off a single piece of jewelry and please don’t be afraid to buy anything eccentric because taking risks is how you discover your own personal style. Enjoy these jewels selection for you!

1. Blue VermeilLindseyMarie Jewels  / 2. Capri Curb Chain Bracelet / 3. Baublebar  Aztec Studs



4. Jeweliq Seafoam Madame Bib  / 5. Lilac Lia Drops / 6. Lapis Silver Claire Earrings







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