Yeehaaa! During my stay in Dublin two weeks ago (oh I will show you some items I bought there very soon!), I had a little crush on this marvelous long flawy skirt I found at forever 21, one of my favorite shop! I knew that this season wearing long skirts would give an absolutely bohemian chic style to my closet! In general, If you wear a long and flowy skirt in right way you will surely be creating fashion statement. They absolutely look trendy and perfect for spring, summer and autumn season! Nowadays, various trend of clothing are in fashion but the trend of skirts especially long are in big vogue because they are comforting and fashionable. From plain skirts to bold and colorful prints, long skirts are available in large number of variety already paving way for a new trend and they look fabulous on teenagers and middle aged women! So, for the purpose of adding some style into your personality you can wear flowy skirt with stylish tops! In this outfit you not only feel comfort but also look very gorgeous & graceful. It can be easily wearable & easy to carry. As I already said, it’s perfect for every age of women I mean for middle aged as well as for teenage girls! Well, It’s also impossible for women to go outside without a beautiful pair of shoes in her feet plus stylish & chic jewelry in her neck, arms or fingers. So, when you wear a long skirt with a gorgeous simple top, then you should also careful about the selection of the shoes & jewelry because it plays a vital role in order to balance your outfit. As you know, jewelry plays a great role in order to enhance your beauty and it’s essential to balance your outfit from top to bottom. So don’t forget to accessorize your skirt with neutral jewelry and of course with a cap. Be however careful not to wear jewels with a printed top because it will look a bit too much! you must stay chic but at the same time class! we also know that spring fashion of long and flowy skirt would never be complete without smart and cute accessories and a nice hat. So, wear a beautiful hat in order to become voguish! I think it looks nicer when we are paired with long flowy & flared skirts. Oh and hats usually protect our face from ultraviolet ray while in autumn season they protect our head & ears from cool winds! so let’s adopt this new trend!  FRENCH VERSION HERE


  FOREVER 21 Pointy Nude Heels SIMILAR HERE or HERE  / FOREVER 21 Stripe Long Skirt SIMILAR HERE / BLACK print crop top HERE / Bag SIMILAR HERE / CREDIT PHOTO : Quentin Bacchus


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