The sun finally decided to point the tip of its nose these last past days so bye bye bad weather and hello shining sun! Quentin and I went therefore to the Dürrenmatt center because we fell in love with the architecture of the place! So classy, very light inside and well designed with a lot of pictorial work from the painter and artist Friedrich Dürrenmatt – our crush was especially this wall behind me. I loved these different juxtaposition of stones and how the wall was built! All that created a good ambiance for the shooting. Guess what? I have discover a new fashion brand shoes! So exited to tell you a bit more what it is. Well, Nude colors are my crush at the moment especially on shoes because they give this particular sensuality on women legs! it’s however not very easy to find the good one that will fit on you right? I had been searching the perfect shoes for a long time but I finally I found these marvelous nude pumps at LShoes shop! Aren’t they stunning? Well It’s a little showroom shoes near where I live, and sincerely, the shops gives a large choice of different shoes from boots to heels and the prices are very accessible. Anyway, as I was talking about shoes and my new nude heels crush, you must know that, this spring all shades of nude are all over the runways! I think nude and neutral are the colors of spring 2014. It’s really easy to mix & match them with any color and they look great with a tanned body. Make sure that you picked the right fabrics, not too tight because I don’t think you want to look like you’re naked. So,keep in mind that the layering and the varying of textures can make these colors their most exciting.Choose gentle materials like silk, chiffon and lace for a girly but sexy look. Denim and nudes complement each other like the boyfriend jeans I wear on the pictures. So if you’re a fan of jeans in any color, feel free to match it with nude items for a casual yet sexy look. Even denim jackets look great with it. You can also wear with nude high heel like mine for summer or with black boots for autumn. There are lot of nice mixed bag between nude and black color, it will look great if you add it to your street look! So, wear nude bags and shoes from dusk till dawn, for day and night! There have also been several celebs wearing this color but on a soft light make-up. With a perfect tone of nude, a variety of accessories will collaborate flawlessly with your look!


Fashion street look style blogger

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Fashion street look style blogger 2014



Ralpgh Lauren Boyfriend jeans HERE / L-Shoes nude pumps heels HERE /  H&M flowy spring coat HERE or SIMILAR here / Mini Luggage bag SIMILAR here or here / PROMOD t-shirt SIMILAR here or here / Place:  CENTRE DÜRRENMATT


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