38870_30monochrome-outfit-black-white-little-dress.It’s monday folks! Hope you’re enjoying your day and had a great buzzy week-end! I have  a big real devotion for little dresses especially white ones! I think whatever they are black,white or other colors, they play a huge role in our wardrobe. Right?! So, finding the perfect little dress is like finding “the one.” It may take years of searching,haha I’m just a bit exaggerating  but when you find one that really fits you, you never let it go! Truth be told, my go-to LWD(little white dress) is this white dress I bought during my first year high school and even if she’s quite large(not on length) for me now, I’m still lovin’ it and can’t stop wearing it!

I also think when you’re wearing a LWD you have multiple possibilities of endless combinations, such as White on white! you can wear your LWD with a chic white blazer like this one  or a white overcoat for an ultra-polished, all white look. If you want to be comfy while wearing your LWD, it looks just as great with sneakers and loafers as they do with pumps platform like my Guess heels !

Don’t forget to add an edge, hehe it’s a must! so guys, pair an edgier piece, by adding a bit of black. We all know that the combo of black and white never goes out of style. Switch up your white dress by sporting it with black and white oxfords, adding a black blazer, or a long black cardigan. The possibilities are  so endless because you can also go for a mix with your LWD by adding printed accessories. So don’t be afraid to pair your LWD with striped, floral, or tribal accessories! By the way, here are my favorite little dress at the moment: 1. Lacey Tulle Swing Dress / 2. Herta Strappy Skater Dress /3. Mesh Lace Trimming Little White Dress

monochrome-outfit-black-white-little-dress4 monochrome-outfit-black-white-little-dress2 monochrome-outfit-black-white-little-dress3 monochrome-outfit-black-white-little-dress0 monochrome-outfit-black-white-little-dress1monochrome-outfit-black-white-little-dress monochrome-outfit-black-white-little-dress5Im wearing: 1. Guess Pump Platform(Sold Out) but SIMILAR here / 2. Black Moto Jacket / 3. SIMILAR white dress here / 4. SIMILAR Box clutchnatasha-couture-box-clutch


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