As I always say, it doesn’t matter how young or old you are, you can wear a beanie hat whatever your age! all that matters is a self-confident attitude and a casual outfit to make the beanie one of the best accessories to complete your look! How to wear a beanie may seem like a simple enough question, and for the most part it is. Just stick it on your head and you’re good to go, right? However, there are plenty of different styles of beanies(fold beanies, slouchy beanies, knitted beanie and much more!) and when it comes to how to wear a beanie, you’ve got to take your hair into consideration too. Most people tend to wear their hair out when wearing a beanie and with good reason: it’s a simple and stylish option. Keeping things natural also means you won’t have to worry about styling when you take your beanie off right?

For all fashionista, if you really want to look trendy please(Big recommendation)avoid styles with pompoms or beadwork, it’s has been! A simple knit or zippers beanie looks classic and stylish. Therefore,beanies are a bold accessory, and some even include graphics or words like my NERD beanie hat tend to look a little more sophisticated, trust me! For those who want new way to wear their beanie, you can either try a loose side braid because it’s a perfect weekend hairstyle for when you’re running around doing chores or your shopping. 

I sincerely prefer fold beanies up as you can see on this post! so if your beanie is a longer, slouchier style but you want a closer fit, just fold the beanie up. I think the single fold is a common solution for how to wear a beanie! 


 All in all, do you want to make your beanie a statement piece and the focus of your outfit? Go for a beanie that not only has got a pop of color but also gives a message; be it a varsity,college vibe or a rebellious, edgy feel guys!When it comes to how to wear a beanie, I love styles that stand out. It could be a fun pattern or bold color. So guys, give a try on these bunnies hat(I love them so much!) and tell me what you think, your feedback etc., have a nice day!

navy-oversized-coat-backpack-streetstyle1navy-oversized-coat-backpack-streetstyle3navy-oversized-coat-backpack-streetstyle0navy-oversized-coat-backpack-streetstylenavy-oversized-coat-backpack-streetstyle5navy-oversized-coat-backpack-streetstyle8navy-oversized-coat-backpack-streetstyle6navy-oversized-coat-backpack-streetstyle7I was wearing: SIMILAR COAT> 1. Barney’s NYC Coat or  John Levis Coat / 2. ALDO Nosis Backpack / 3. Run Women’s Shoes / 4. Wolf Top or Stella McCartney Wolf Top / 5. ASOS Jeans  HERE or SIMILAR


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